The Very Rev. Tracey Lind is eager to continue teaching, preaching and speaking for as long as she is able. Please contact us for information regarding her availability and associated costs.  A portion of all speaking fees and honorariums are being donated to the The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration


Tracey is a charismatic public speaker.  She now is using this gift to teach audiences about dementia from the inside-out.  She is most comfortable with a 60-90 minute session that includes 45-60 minutes of presentation and 15-30 minutes of Q&A; however, she is adaptable and can speak for shorter or longer periods of time.  She will speak about various aspects of dementia, including diagnosis, daily living, care and end-of-life concerns, life lessons, and the spirituality of dementia from a sensitive, interfaith perspective.  

Tracey is a frequently sought-after preacher and has spoken in over 50 U.S., Canadian and European church, synagogue, seminary and interfaith pulpits, including the esteemed Chautauqua Institution.  She is available for Sunday or weekday preaching engagements.  While she is a lectionary preacher (Revised Common Lectionary or RCL), she is willing and able to preach specifically about the spirituality of dementia.  When invited to preach on a Sunday, she is willing to speak at more than one morning service.  While she does not generally title her sermons, if asked, she is willing to do so. She is comfortable having her sermons video-taped, recorded or live-streamed; however, she does not provide a written text for publication or posting online. 

Sunday Adult Forums
Tracey is a creative adult educator.  For nearly 18 years, she led the Dean’s Forum at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio, where she presented on a wide variety of topics and interviewed hundreds of theologians, writers, politicians, artists, musicians, and civic leaders. She is available for Sunday Morning Adult Forums (30-60 minutes).  She is willing to speak and then take questions and answers, or be interviewed in a conversational style.  She is comfortable with video and/or audio taping or live streaming.

Panel Discussions 
Tracey has moderated and participated in numerous panel discussions in a variety of contexts and is available for such events.

Conference Keynotes and Workshops
Over the course of her career, Tracey has been a confrerence keynote speaker and workshop leader on many topics.  She is able to do the same on the subject of dementia and can tailor her remarks to the specific audience and/or conference focus.

Tracey and her spouse Emily have developed a unique spiritual retreat for individuals living with early to mid-stage dementia and their spouses, care partners and adult children.  The focus is "Living in the Spirit with Dementia: Becoming the Soul of the Place you are Standing.”  During our time together, we explore dementia as a pilgrimage for spiritual growth.  The day-long program includes presentation, conversation, art, music, reflection, and (if possible) labyrinth walking.  The retreat, which requires pre-registration, can be adapted for a weekend setting.

Clergy Conferences
Tracey is available to speak at clergy conferences and continuing education events about the pastoral concerns, spirituality and congregational implications of dementia in hopes that denominations and congregations will become dementia-friendly as our demographics continue to age.  She is willing to do half-day or full-day sessions, and might be joined by her spouse.

Theology, Medicine, Nursing and Social Work Programs and Continuing Education
Tracey has taught at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.  She is available to speak to classes, plenary sessions, alumni gatherings, and school-wide events.   She is also availble for continuing education programs.

Media Events
Tracey has significant media experience.  She is comfortable with both video and audio presentations, interviews and talk shows.